Biography and Expositions

For me, photography puts me in touch with the depths of reality

When I was 15 I began to be fascinated by travel and the study of foreign languages which developed, as part of my personal growth, my curiosity and interest in everything which was different from that which surrounded me. During a trip to Barcellona in 2007, while sitting on the Rambla, I took a photo with my cheap compact camera and, in that moment, I felt something, a sensation, a spark. A couple of days later this compact camera finished in a fountain.
That same year I moved to Perugia to study Political Science and at the same I decided to study photography, taking courses in Umbria and Lazio and specializing in photo reporting.
People, their glances, their interactions, the places where they found themselves, the customs, traditions and cultures were the fundamental elements of my photography, together with a great love and respect for this art form.

In all my photos there are the places I visited, the planes I caught, the books, the poetry I read, the songs I heard, the streets I walked and the people I met, whether for a second, an hour, for this moment or for all my life.
Photography has nothing to do with what is seen with the physical object of a camera, for me photography is a very sensitive act, an ongoing internal search which allows me to be in a deeper touch with the reality which surrounds me and the daily happenings which I find to photograph.

Photo Exhibitions