Youth of Palestine

Palestine: the world does not see, he does not hear and does not speak

Like the 3 Monkeys – who see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing – the major part of the World faces with the Palestine issue. Many talk of it as a conflict with roots deep in the past and one which will never end.

The indifference permits the raising of the walls which Israel continues to build between one set of projectiles or another. A war which wears people down, a silent occupation like a march which silently advances destroying everything it meets. Victims and executioners are mixed together on the same roads.  Many ideas have been advanced over the years to find a solution to all this but a sole cry emerges from the eyes of the people – peace and living together.

The new generation of young men and women are struggling energetically using the weapons of conscience and information, people who love their land who will never let it go. Every day they put behind them their fear of death and choose to be the active protagonists of their societies and who commit themselves to demolishing, brick-by-brick, the walls of indifference.