When I received the first email from Anna, she was contacting me from Holland, precisely from the lovely city of Amsterdam; she was thinking to plan a photo session in Umbria during her family italian holiday.
Here we are few weeks later in the amazing Todi countryside.
Todi is one of the most beautiful cities in Umbria, full of historical sites, natural landscapes and local delicacies (of course!). 
We spent together with her husband and their two cute babies an amazing sunny morning, walking, running, laughing, picking flowers for mum and dad, jumping in an wonderful private villa surrounded by fields.
Relaxing family moments to capture with naturalness, discretion and empathy, feeling the sun on the skin while looking at the smile of your babies.
Time flies so fast, don’t miss the chance to make a memory lasts forever.

Are you planning a journey in Umbria and you dream this kind of souvenir?

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This is a holiday portrait in Todi but it can be realized in all Umbria!