In the land of Saint Francis of Assisi you can meet people from all over the world and you can discover the natural and historical heritage of a wonderful Italian region, Umbria.
Joselaine and Davi a lovely couple from Switzerland, chose Umbria for a few days of “Italian lifestyle”: nature, culture, art, food and…love!
They decided to put in their luggages a different souvenir from Umbria: they chose an holiday portrait realized by me around the city center of Assisi!
In these years which trend is a selfie stick and instagram filters they chose to turn off the mobile for few hours and discovering a new place with a local photographer focusing on their love.
You don’t need a wedding¬†or an anniversary to celebrate love through photography… you just need to discover the world holding the hand of your beloved one!
Thank you Joselaine and Davi for letting me discover Assisi through your lovers eyes!
Are you planning a journey in Umbria and you dream this kind of souvenir?
Write me for a free quotation!
This is a holiday portrait in Assisi but it can be realized in all Umbria!