When I received the first email from Jyoti, she was contacting me from Switzerland: she was planning a holiday in Umbria together with her husband and their lovely two kids and she was looking for a photographer for a vacation family shoot. 
They wanted to know Perugia from a “local” point of view and build new family memories so we had amazing hours walking together around the city center discovering the neighborhoods.
We spent together amazing hours enjoying the light of october, playing with the kids and watching an unforgettable rainbow above the city center. 
Respecting their privacy you will only find family pictures from the back but i couldn’t miss the chance to show you this amazing light and rainbow!
A souvenir that will last forever!

Are you planning a journey in Umbria and you dream this kind of souvenir?

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This is a holiday portrait in Assisi but it can be realized in all Umbria!