Photo Exhibition Comparing Artists

We never stop exploring

Through the night in an anonymous dawn, an aeroplane takes me among the clouds.
I wake up in the most important trip of my life.
Snatch of consciousness as to who I am and what I want my life to be.
These experiences had grown my need to know, touch, absorb, to become a better person;
for the 3 years after my return to Italy, I travelled, I met people, I studied, I cried, I laughed, I wrote, I photographed, I had approval, hard knocks, I fell and I got myself up. I lived intensely.
As T.S. Eliot wrote “we never cease exploring… and the end of all our explorations will be to get where we started from and to know that place for the first time.” That is why I want to return there through these images hung on the wall.

Now I am taking a new flight with my thoughts and I go back there:
under that immense sky
under the scorching sun
under the cold of night
to show the beauty of a land which is so hard and so pure, through the eyes of the children I have met during my time as a volunteer; the eyes which I often see as those of an adult, tired but happy; as those of a wise old person who, at the end of their tortuous and intense life, counts their scars and tells stories to their grandchildren.

That is how I stand before them: like a white page which their hands can imprint with tones of ink unknown until now; there to find a rebirth and to follow my voyage with shoes made from experience and understanding, along a path guided by a new light.
That is how I will see again these mountains, those faces, that sun and I will rediscover them as if for the first time.
This is the story of an internal voyage, a new elaboration of a fundamental experience, made with the intention of being dragged along a spiral of memories which you never saw in real life … perhaps as in a dream, my dream is shared with all of you!
The exhibition was held at the “illaboratoriodiartecontemporanea” in Strozzacapponi (Pg) during April 2011 and in June 2013 at the literary cafe “Vieniviaconme” in Avezzano (AQ) with the title “WE never stop exploring”.