What you can do when you come across a love that has lasted for more than twenty years that can finally exist for a state thanks to the approval of a law that has been buried for too long among ugly pages of the political history of a country?
It is observed in silence and immortalized, living it together with the two protagonists: Marco and Giuliano.
During an afternoon at Trasimeno lake I listened to their love, their sharing, their shine and we took a picture on the same bench that twenty years before had welcomed them for a photograph … when they already knew that their love would last forever.
I am happy and honored to have had this opportunity, as I have always believed that it only takes 4 ingredients to call it love: two hearts and two brains.
Are you getting married and haven’t found your photographer yet? Contact me for a free quotation!
Aren’t you getting married but would you like to tell your love through my photography? Contact me for a free quotation!
This photo shoot was made at Lake Trasimeno but I am available to travel throughout Italy and abroad.