Boho Chic wedding style: a shooting that truly represents my idea of wedding day.
Natural details, a philosophy focused on simplicity, on the creative recycling of materials, giving new life to objects.

BOHO CHIC WEDDING-107I was surprised by how behind simplicity there was a high degree of refinement, a cure for balances and almost invisible contrasts at first glance. The Bohemian mood, declined in its various nuances, has made it possible to create different contexts and scenographies: Gipsy, Radical Chic, Hipster, Romantic, Country.

The real protagonists are true emotions, not builted around a table but expressed in freedom. And this, for my photography vision, is really an important aspect. I like to hide behind the lens and let feelings live without interfering, creating an alchemy with people who are in front of my camera and being able to understand in time and capture the spontaneity of a moment, the intensity of one look

Schermata 12-2457364 alle 14.21.14

I realize that it is not easy for everyone to find themselves in front of a camera and let themselves go. For the Shooting, the “spouses” were represented by “models” without experience, a couple in real life. After their little awkwardness at the beginning,i managed to put them at ease, letting them pull out their spontaneity.

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There are many aspects to be grasped to give the couple a memory of the day. To me in details is hidden something divine and what is photography if it’s not the story of every nuance of the narration?

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Francesca Boccabella 

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