When the job of your dreams brings you far from the streets that saw you growing up and far from the arms that gave you birth, the ordinary life is a “good morning” trough Whatsapp, a smile on Skype, a cough during a vocal message on Messenger.
Luckly then arrive the planes to cut the distances, giving us the smell of home and it doesn’t matter if you have to celebrate Christmas in march or you receive your birthday gift 5 months later because “the most important thing is doing it now here together”.
Daniele and Mun Yee live in Singapore since many year and they work in their consultancy company concerning Food&Lifestyle, if you’re curious here you can find the link of their web site 🙂 http://5sensiconcept.com and in Singapore they decided to get married but the heart beats in Italy, precisely in Umbria so here we are few months later in an amazing farm holiday near the Trasimeno Lake having a wedding party with their beautiful family half umbrian half malesian!
A photo session husband and wife, exchange of the rings, some toast, typical Italian food, infinite smiles and hugs: this is the recipe of true happiness!
Do you live abroad but you’re planning your wedding day and/or your wedding party in Umbria and you’re looking for a photographer? Write me for a free quotation!