Wedding Reportage

-Getting ready bride and groom 
-Couple photo session
-Wedding reception
-Cake cutting
-…Until the end of the wedding party
Delivery of the work in 3 months with digital files in customized box. Printed canvas and album on request
Available video and drone.

Price:  from 950€

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To enrich your wedding reportage you can add:

engagement photo session,  bridal shower, bachelor party, post wedding photo session
Price: from 120€

Available in Italy and worldwide

Family Photos

Pregnancy photo session, baptisms, children photo session and family portraits. The tradition to not forget your loved ones and the emotions.

The Place for the photo session can be chosen between you own home or in a place that represents the personality of the family.
Delivery of the work in 2/3 weeks  with digital files in customized box. Printed canvas and album on request

Price: from 120€
Available in Italy and worldwide


Web projects

Pictures for web, website and social networks, catalogs, Brand Immage and Still life.
– Study of the concept and the image
– Structure of the set, even in the company
– Portraits in studio 
Delivery of the work in 2/4 weeks

PRICE: from 150 € 
Using the photos realization we can also create graphic-paper products such as brochures, catalogs and images for social networks.
Available in Italy and worldwide


Still photography

Music, dance and theater… when the performance continue to live after the curtain’s downhill
Artist portraits and performer
Reportage of the performance and backstage
Delivery of the work in 3 weeks

Price: from 120€
Available in Italy and worldwide


Foto per eventi

Cultural presentations, inaugurations activities, conferences, press conferences, FlashMobs, concerts and institutional events. Organizing an event also means telling it and making it live over time.
Available for the beginning to the end of the event.
Delivery of the work 2 days after the event

Price: from 150€
Available in Italy and worldwide


Humanitarian and social reportage

Show the places, the infinite paths that separate from home. Photography in the service of knowledge. Reportage for Companies, Associations, NGOs, Onlus and organizations.
– Activity of documentation
– Photograph of the environment and people according to the directions received
Available for travel around the world, even with long stays on site

Price: from  800 €  Excluding travel, food and lodging

Delivery of the work in 1 month with digital files



Holiday portrait in Perugia – Photo Walk

When I received the first email from Jyoti, she was contacting me from Switzerland: she was planning a holiday in Umbria together with her husband and their lovely two kids and she was looking for a photographer for a vacation family shoot.  They wanted to know...

Holiday portrait in Todi – Photo Walk

When I received the first email from Anna, she was contacting me from Holland, precisely from the lovely city of Amsterdam; she was thinking to plan a photo session in Umbria during her family italian holiday. Here we are few weeks later in the amazing Todi...

Holiday portrait in Assisi – Photo Walk

In the land of Saint Francis of Assisi you can meet people from all over the world and you can discover the natural and historical heritage of a wonderful Italian region, Umbria. Joselaine and Davi a lovely couple from Switzerland, chose Umbria for a few days of...

A photographic present for you!

Making eternal moments of daily happiness to remind us where and how we were; this is the meaning to make photo gift! To say "Happy bday", "I love you", "Congratulations", "thank you for being there"; there are so many emotions and thoughts behind a gift for our...

Family portrait: the first time in Italy

Leonardo and Roberta, a life together in Australia and half heart in Umbria, the region that saw the birth and take the flight. This year the trip home has been even more important with the birth of their little Gemma that,  for the first time, crossed the...

Engagement in Perugia: Marco&Elena

A moment for the two of us. This is the way I love to talk about the engagement session; I strongly believe in the importance of creating a human bond with couples who choose to rely on me for the wedding reportage and what is better than a sunny afternoon spent with...

Giancarlo e Valeria: engagement in Perugia

"The things we have in common are 4850 I've always been counting them since you told me "But come on, are you from the 1960s too?" we have two arms, two hands two legs, two feet two ears and one brain only the look is not exactly the same because mine is...

Food Photography in Abruzzo

Food should be tasted especially with the eyes. Gestures, traditions, ancient knowledge. The kitchen is able to reveal a lot about us and our land. Almost magically it is possible to capture smells and flavors, along with shapes and colors. It is enough to feel the...

Romolo & Laura – Engagement session in Abruzzo

Romolo and Laura: their love was born among alleys full of history surrounded by mountains in Abruzzo. Coming back as a photographer in the place where I was born and grew up was a new unforgettable experience and looking at it through their bond gave to the stones,...

Engagement photography – Sebastian e Chiara

From Berlin to Perugia with a lot of love! A sunny January morning and a walk through the wonderful historical center of Perugia to tell the bond that joins Sebastian and Chiara before their "yes". Him and her, naturally, holding hands while walking towards a dreamed...