After the shooting on the Boho Chic Wedding, we decided to take a time travel, exactly in the 1920s, at the time of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

We moved from the naturalness, spontaneity and simplicity of the Boho’s emotions, to the opposite extreme of the Great Gatsby, which enhances the stylistic richness of the 20s made of gold and Art Decò. This time the scene was animated by sequins, pearls, feathers, cigars and all that was in vogue during the prohibition period.

Grande Gatsby Matrimonio-83

Every little detail has been recreated and revisited: elegance, excess and shimmer. Through these photos I wanted to enhance the complexity of those years, a style that I believe highlights a mix of irony and shyness in people and that’s what I wanted to highlight both during the shooting and after during the editing

Schermata 06-2457549 alle 12.03.38

Many photos in black and white to make immediate impact with the ’20s: all as if it were authentic, with a retro flavor also given by the script of the shooting, articulated in different moments that wanted to reproduce the real trend of the wedding day : from the getting ready of the spouses until the cake cutting, passing through the party and the civil ceremony.

Schermata 06-2457549 alle 12.23.33

Schermata 06-2457549 alle 12.03.55

Schermata 06-2457549 alle 12.03.46

An amazing customized wedding day!
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