Leonardo and Roberta, a life together in Australia and half heart in Umbria, the region that saw the birth and take the flight.
This year the trip home has been even more important with the birth of their little Gemma that,  for the first time, crossed the ocean to take her first steps in her grandparents’ garden, playing with some pumpkin, wearing a leaf and dreaming of flying higher than her kite.
A photo session for autumn, rural, hippie and Birkenstock lovers 🙂
This is the 100% artisan gift voucher, full of love, made by the uncles who have decided to give Gemma the memory of her first time in Italy. The child has completed and celebrated her first year in her parents’ country, surrounded for the first time by the whole family she had not met yet, except through Skype.
The young family returned to the land of kangaroos, with bags full of emotions and memories that Gemma will always keep with her, thanks to the original gift that was given to her. In this way, never forget the first time!
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