From Berlin to Perugia with a lot of love!

A sunny January morning and a walk through the wonderful historical center of Perugia to tell the bond that joins Sebastian and Chiara before their “yes”.
Him and her, naturally, holding hands while walking towards a dreamed and builted future.
So many adventures to live together, so many trips to do and memories to collect because you know, a fridge full of magnets means a happy couple
As Leonard Cohen says:
“True love leaves no traces
If you and I are one
It’s lost in our embraces
Like stars against the sun “
Are you getting married and haven’t found your photographer yet? Contact me for a free quotation!
Aren’t you getting married but would you like to tell your love through my photography? Contact me for a free quotation!
This photo session was made in Perugia but I am available to travel throughout Italy and abroad: I also like to have a fridge full of memories

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